We want to invite others to join us in the journey of grace and obedience.  We invite them to see the transformation that Jesus can bring to our lives.


We want to include everyone in a community of love, forgiveness, discipleship, genuine fellowship, worship and accountability.  


We want to involve everyone in sacrificially serving others.  We are committed to equipping people to become partners with God in sharing His grace with others.














pastor | t. thad smith  

Thad claims Rabbitown, GA as his hometown. Actually, he grew up in White Sulphur, GA but the two 'metropolitan' areas have grown so much that he can't tell the difference between them.

His roots run through South Carolina. Parts of his paternal grandmother's side of the family migrated from there while a few relatives returned to reside in Charleston and Columbia.

Columbia International University -Columbia, SC- awarded him an undergraduate degree, partially from pity and partially to get rid of him. Surely, moving him along factored into their decision since he finished in just over three years.

Five years of student ministry follow the completion of an undergraduate degree. During that time, he met and married his wife, Tamma.

Tamma and Thad have one child (Addison), one cat (Scat) and one Labrador retriever (Maggie). Maggie is their second Labrador retriever, the first, Lucy, was a Texan.

Thad and Tamma lived in Fort Worth, Texas for 2+ years in the middle 90's. Thad completed a master's degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in December of 1996.

Through the end of the 90's Thad did single adult ministry at Johnson Ferry Baptist, Marietta, GA. He planted The Church at Catoosa, Ringgold, GA from 2000 until 2008 then pastored Morningside Baptist, Columbus, GA for almost 10 years.

Thad and Tamma come to Edisto Beach Baptist from the process of planting a second church, North Shore, Canton, GA. Thad has pastored Edisto Beach since October, 2019.

Thad rides a Harley, drinks coffee, tinkers with mechanical stuff and uses a hands-free cell device. If you see him wandering around Edisto 'talking to himself' don't worry, he's on the cell phone.


Music MINISTRY | Kathy klopp

Kathy Klopp is a full-time resident of Edisto Beach. She moved from NE Ohio in search of more sunshine and to be closer to her five grandchildren.


She and her husband Jim, cherish every moment they spend together on Edisto, as he is still running their business in Ohio. They are blessed to have two grown sons, two loving daughter-in-law's, and five beautiful grandchildren, all living in SC.

 Kathy has been actively involved in the Women's Ministry and music at EBB for the past two years. Music has always been central to Kathy's life and her faith. She has been involved in church choirs, women's ensembles and praise team ministries for over 20 years.


Kathy's first love is Jesus Christ, and she longs to worship and honor Him in every aspect of her life. It is all about Jesus! Her favorite verse is Psalm 118:14 -"The Lord is my strength and my song; He has been my salvation".


When not spending time with family or involved in ministry work, Kathy enjoys writing a blog to encourage others in their faith.



student ministry | Ayomide Oloyede (Ayo)

Hello, Ayo

Ayomide Oloyede arrives on the Sandbar this Sunday, May 30, 2021.  He comes to us from Columbus, GA but have no fear, he isn’t walking from there to here.

Getting here is a God thing.  God opened-wide a number of doors, windows and portholes for the Church to bring Ayo on staff to help build a ministry to the students and children of Edisto.  The Sandbar and the Island host a number of students and children.  Ayo’s ‘mission’ is to help Edisto Beach Baptist to develop a ministry to them and their parents.

Ayo’s parents are from West Africa.  They are involved with ministry and mission on the African continent as well as here in the USA.

Ayo has a “million-dollar smile” but to date has received only a dollar-two
ninety-eight for it.  He plays guitar, sings, does theatre, drives a Pontiac G6 and eats sweet chili chicken wings but please, do not disclose his chicken wing fix the yard birds that he once raised :o :| :o :| :o :|

Seriously, Ayo loves the Lord and is a gifted individual.  He is an exceptional young man and a tremendous addition to the staff of Edisto Beach Baptist.

So, hello Ayo and welcome to Edisto; the Lowcountry, Island, Sandbar, beach and the Church.  We look forward to your time with us this summer.